Our Syrups

We cook our syrup from sap collected each season from the Solin family’s heritage sugarbush, near Neva, Wisconsin, at the base of the glacial moraine. We’ve been making rich, flavorful maple syrup in small batches for 5 generations.

In addition to our pure maple syrup, we make infused maples syrups that are made with high quality ingredients, producing rich, delicious and unique flavors. Our infused maple syrups include cardamom, cinnamon, espresso, ginger, ginseng, red pepper, and turmeric.

In partnership with Great Northern Distilling, we also produce barrel-aged maple syrups. Barrel-aged syrups are richly flavored, taking on the deep flavors of oak and aged spirits.

The production of maple syrup helps us continue to care for and
sustain our lands.

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