our roots

We're connected to the land. The Solin family settled here in the summer of 1917. Jeremy grew up here, and still considers the land "home." Making maple syrup is a spring ritual that keeps us connected to the land and to our family. Maple syrup making is a family and community process. On any day, you can find 3 generations of us in the woods and in the sugarshack. 

Our kids are the 5th generation of Solins on this land, and we hope to be able to care for it for generations to come. We are stewards of the forest, and the health and well-being of the ecosystem is foremost in the decisions we make. Through purchasing Tapped Maple Syrup, you become part of these forests as well, helping to sustain them and the maple sap they share with us.

Tapped Maple Syrup, LLC is co-owned by Abi and Jeremy Solin, while Jeremy's dad Dave manages most of the maple syrup operation. We all get involved in tapping, collecting sap, cooking, and, most importantly, sampling the syrup.